Do I get a certificate after successfully passing the course?


You do not get a certificate for purely completing the course. You must first pass the final exam at a Certiport Authorised Testing Centre before being awarded your Industry Endorsement and Certification.

What's the difference between your 'Authentic Certification' vs other training providers?

It’s Genuine

Unlike most training providers, our certifications aren’t created by XCERIO. They’re developed, moderated, researched and authorised from reputable industry leaders to guarantee that you will be recognised for your skills.

How long do the courses take to complete?

8-12 Hours

Each learner is unique, and so is their schedule. It depends on how much time you’ll be able to commit to the program but we generally see that between eight to twelve hours of learning would adequately prepare a beginner learner to sit the final exam successfully.

Do I need the applications installed on my computer to train on them?

In Most Cases, No.

For all of our Adobe, IC3 and AutoDesk based learning programs, no software installation is necessary. You still get to practice hands-on in the application, but it is delivered through a simulated environment.

Our Microsoft Office learning programs however, do require the office software installed on the machine.

Can I do these courses on my tablet or phone?


All of our instructor-led videos, hands on training and eBooks are available on any device with a supported web browser (Chrome/Safari/Firefox)

Do the courses support Mac users?


All of our instructor-led videos, hands on training and eBooks are available on any device with a supported web browser (Chrome/Safari/Firefox)

Where can I go to sit my final exam?

Anywhere on This Map

At any one of the Certiport Authorised Testing Centres in New Zealand. Find your nearest centre and call ahead to book a time. They may charge an additional supervising fee.

Can I get NZQA credits for completing these courses?

For Microsoft Office – Yes!

There are multiple credit inclusions available for the Microsoft Office Specialist Certificate which can be viewed here 

Do you offer support if I need to sit the exam under special conditions due to a disability?


If you have a special need and require additional time or a support person during the exam, please contact us at info@xcerio.co.nz

Do you provide extra resources such as workbooks upon request?


Although they don’t come by default with our Accelerated Learning Packs, we do have access to additional learning material including physical workbooks. If you’d like more information on how to purchase one of these, please contact us at info@xcerio.co.nz

Can I offer this course at a reduced price for my students or employees?


Academic Institutes, Schools and Corporate Partners all receive discounted rates if providing learning, training or certification to members of your organisation. To find out more contact us at info@xcerio.co.nz

Is it normal for a Testing Centre to charge me a fee for sitting an exam?


Some Ceriport Authorised Testing Centres choose to charge test takers an additional fee to cover their time and facility when sitting an exam. This fee is usually between $20-$30 NZD, but not all centres do charge end users.






.NET Framework


The .NET Framework is a part of Windows and is used by the GMetrix software. As of version 5, the GMetrix software requires the .NET Framework version 4.5.2 or newer to run.

How can i check?

The GMerix SMS includes a system check tool that will tell you what version of the .NET Framework you have installed.

  1. Launch the SMS software
  2. On the Home screen, click the “Options” tile in the bottom left
  3. Click the Tasks tab on the top
  4. Click “Log and Save System Check Information”
  5. Save the file on your desktop, and open the file in a text editor such as Notepad
  6. in the NetFx Framework section, there will be a list of installed versions. Be sure that at least one of them says 4.5.2xxx

Potential Problems and Errors

The following is a list of problems caused by the .NET Framework being out of date or corrupted:

  • The question box is not anchored at the bottom of the page. Instead, it is near the top, and covering parts of the Office application.
  • “The proxy file has not been created” error message when GMetrix launches.
  • An error message when trying to install that informs you that you do not have the correct version of the .NET framework


The fix to this problem is to update your .NET Framework, following these steps:

  1. Uninstall the GMetrix Software.
  2. Download the Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5 or newer.
  3. Reinstall the GMetrix Software.

What is the Microsoft Primary Interop Assembly?


The Microsoft Primary Interop Assembly is a collection of libraries created by Microsoft, and included in most installs of Microsoft Office. The PIA is used by the GMetrix software to communicate with the Microsoft Office software installed on your computer. Without the PIA installed, the GMetrix Software will be unable to function correctly.

Potential Problems and Errors

The following is a list of the most common errors that the GMetrix software encounters when the PIA is missing:

  • Tests will not start. After selecting a test, and clicking “Start” to begin the test, the GMetrix software closes without warning.
  • “Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation” error when clicking “Next” after answering a question.
  • “The product you have selected is not currently installed on this machine; please select a different test” error. This can be caused by the missing PIA, or a missing addon. For the article about addons, click here


If you suspect that the PIA is missing, you can check by using the GMetrix Check Office App feature in the GMetrix Software.

  1. Launch GMetrix, so that you are on the log in page, but not logged in yet.
  2. In the lower left corner of the program, click, “Check Office App”
  3. The output shows Green Check Marks for the products that have the PIA working correctly.
  4. If you have an Office product installed on your computer, and there is a Red X next to that product, that product is missing its PIA.

So, how do we fix the problem? Microsoft provides the PIA files as a redistributable file that can be downloaded from their site. Click the appropriate link to go to the Microsoft site to download the PIA files.

Office 2007

Office 2010

The office 2013 PIA files have not yet been released as a redistributable. This page will update as soon as they are available. Download and run the .exe file from that page. That will save a .msi file to your computer that can be run to install the PIA files. This should resolve any problems caused by the PIA files.

Product Missing Essential Files

If you get the message:

“The product you have selected is missing essential files. Please make sure that the correct version of Microsoft Office is installed on your computer. If the correct version is installed, ensure that the Microsoft office PIA is present. Information about the PIA can be found at www.gmetrix.net/support”

there are a few things you need to verify and do.

  1. Make sure that you have the correct version of Office on your computer. You need to have the same version of Office as the test you are trying to take. If you are taking the Word 2010 test, for example, you will get this message if you have Office 2007 or 2013.
  2. You can only have one version of Office on the computer. You may get this message if you have multiple versions of Office on the computer. GMetrix is not compatible with multiple versions.
    1. If you have multiple versions of Office, you will need to uninstall one version for GMetrix to work properly. After the extra version of Office has been uninstalled, you will need to do a repair of the version left on the computer.
    2. To uninstall a version of Office, open your Control Panel. Go to Add/Remove programs or Uninstall a program, depending on the operating system you are using. Find the version of Microsoft Office you need to uninstall and right click on it. Select Uninstall.
    3. To repair Office, open your Control Panel. Go to Add/Remove programs or Uninstall a program, depending on the operating system you are using. Find the version of Microsoft Office you wish to repair. Right click on it and select Change, then Repair.

GMetrix Templates Missing

There are several reasons that you may experience problems with templates showing after you launch a GMetrix test.

  1. Check the permissions. Students, employees, or anyone taking a GMetrix test need to have full Read/Write privileges to their Program Files, App Data folder, and Documents folder. If any of these permissions are not correct, the folders will have difficulty loading properly.
  2. Check to make sure there is enough space on the Documents folder. Even if it looks like the computer or the folder itself has enough space, ensure that there is at least 10 meg available. You may need to go through the roaming profiles to ensure that the folder has enough space allotted, if you are in a lab-type setting, such as a school or business. If the Documents folder is full, the templates will not be able to copy or load properly.
  3. Allow GMetrix through your firewall and virus protector. While the virus protector and firewall do not always cause this problem, it is something we have seen in the past. The settings to allow GMetrix through the firewall or virus protector varies depending on the software you are using.

If you continue to have problems with templates loading, there are a few options. Please note that the following steps are diagnostics, to help reveal if there are network settings or restrictions on the account causing these problems. This should be performed by a sysadmin, on the student account that is having trouble.

  1. Open GMetrix and log in.
  2. Press Alt-tab on the computer.
  3. Open Program Files. On some systems it may be Program Files (x86).
  4. Open GMetrix SMS or GMetrix SMS4, depending on the version of GMetrix you are running.
  5. Right click on the GMetrixTemplates folder and select Copy.
  6. Go to the Documents folder.
  7. Right click in the white space of the folder and select Paste. If you get any errors with the paste, there are network settings that need to be adjusted to allow the pasting.
  8. Alt-tab to GMetrix or click on GMetrix to open it.
  9. Click Reset.

It’s a good idea to also ensure that you have the latest version of GMetrix downloaded on the computer. The newest version is always available at gmetrix.net/download.

Project Document Not Found

Due to the nature of MOS Project Tests, it is necessary for GMetrix SMS to save a copy of the document being used when you save and exit your test. If GMetrix SMS is unable to locate this document upon loading your saved project test it will instead load the default project document for that test. Because the project document is saved locally on your computer, this issue is most often the result of trying to resume a project test on a different computer than the one on which it was started. However, it can also be the result of the project document being moved or deleted in the time between when the test was saved and when it was resumed. This problem can be avoided by ensuring that your Saved Project Folder is set to a safe location. You can also resume your test on a different computer by manually creating a backup of your test.

To Resume Your Test on a Different Computer

  1. Before saving your testin the GMetrix question bar, click File in the Microsoft Office program you are using, then click Save As
  2. Save your document to your Desktop or any other location that is easily accessible.
  3. Save your test by clicking the Save button in the GMetrix question bar.
  4. Copy the document created in step 2 to any sort of storage solution you will be able to access on your other computer (e.g. USB drive, Dropbox, e-mail, etc.)
  5. Log in to GMetrix SMS on your other computer and click Go to resume your saved project test. You will see the default project document appear.
  6. Click File then Open in the Microsoft Office program you are using.
  7. Navigate to your saved project document and open it.

You should now be able to resume your project test. You can repeat this process to return the document to the original computer if necessary.

Alternatively, if you are using GMetrix SMS 4.6.2 or later you can enable the Save Projects to Cloud setting in the Options menu. This will give you the option to save your project documents to the GMetrix server rather than on the local machine. This setting will need to be enabled on all computers from which you wish to access your tests.

GMetrix and Mac

Web Based Exams and Mac

The Practice Tests that are administered through the GMetrix.Net Student Portal will work on PC or Mac. For Mac, the supported browser is Safari. For PC, the supported browser is Google Chrome.

GMetrix SMS is Not Compatible with Mac

The GMetrix SMS software is not compatible with Mac computers. This is because the Mac versions of Office do not match the official certification. The tests are specifically designed for Office 2007, 2010, and 2013.

In the past, we have had some students successfully dual-boot in Windows, or use a Windows partition. They also used the Windows version of Microsoft Office. While it is possible to get this setup to work on a Mac, this is not something we support.





The Mac Launcher is used for the delivery of the Mac compatible ACA and IC3 exams on the Mac OS.

Please Note: The complete Online Exam setup for Mac must be performed for all Certification Exams, as well as all Practice Tests.

QRG – Certiport Mac Launcher Install & Setup

The Online Exam delivery system is used for the delivery of the IC3, ACA, MCE, Intuit Quickbooks, ACU, and the MOS SharePoint and OneNote 2010 exams.

Please Note: The complete Online Exam setup for Windows must be performed for all Certification Exams, as well as all Practice Tests.

QRG – Online Exam Setup for Windows

QRG – Installing Browser Lockdown

QRG – Online Exams Level One Tech Support Document

QRG – Taking an Online Practice Test at Home


We are receiving an ``Unhandled Exception`` error (Console 8)

This is a generic error with multiple causes. Clicking yes will provide you with details specific to the error, however there are many variations. The error will persist each time Console 8 is launched until fixed. This error is most commonly seen immediately after running updates when Console 8 closes and reloads.

First you will see the error “An unhandled exception has occurred. Would you like more information?”. If you click “no”, you will get a prompt asking if you want to relaunch Console 8 and if you click “no” again it will close. If you click “yes”, it will provide you with the specific details. See below for solutions.

    • Error due to lack of Admin Rights and/or Technical Requirements: This error is primarily caused by either not having full Windows Admin Rights on the exam workstation, having group (network) policy restrictions in place, or non-compliance with our Technical Requirements (including prerequisites/third-party add-ons).


    • Error after Updating: When this error occurs after performing updates, you can fix this by repairing Console 8. This is done by running the Console 8 setup executable over the current installation without performing any uninstall* (with full Admin Rights). This is preferable because you are able to keep all of the product updates and do not need to re-download any exam content. If for some reason this does not address the issue a clean uninstall and reinstall will be necessary.*Note: This is not a total repair and when running the executable you will not see any repair message, just the normal installation screens. However, this will restore critical Console 8 system files. Ensure that you do not have any instance of Console 8 running when running the setup file as a repair. After setup completes you will need to log in as an Organization Admin to set the test center ID again, and you will see the one required update in red just like a clean install. Run the required update and reconfigure any Console settings needed such as Admin Credentials, Proxy Server, and LAN settings.


  • Error due to Antivirus: In some scenarios we have also seen Antivirus software as the cause of this error. If you suspect the Antivirus then check the quarantine area/logs for conflicts and then either temporarily disable the software during install and use, or set an exception for Console 8 by allowing all executables in the “Certiport” folder to run via the Antivirus settings.

We are receiving a ``Failed to initiate the Console Pre-Loader. Please contact Customer Services`` error (Console 8)

This error can appear after changes have been made to the Admin Credential settings in Console 8. Normally you would need to close and re-launch Console 8 before these settings will take effect. If for any reason Console 8 is unable to authenticate the new settings then you will receive this error. To resolve please check any settings that may have recently changed:

  • Admin Credentials Setting: Ensure the credentials provided are correct. The admin credentials used here are served up so that Console 8 can run with full admin rights with no group policy restrictions, but still allowing the user that initially logged in to Windows to be a limited account. These are Windows Admin credentials and not the Certiport Org Admin or other credentials. The Domain section is generally not required and should be left blank unless you are very familiar with your network setup.

Once these settings have been changed you will need to completely close Console 8 and then re-launch it to ensure that you are no longer receiving the error.

We are receiving an ``Exam Failed to Complete Successfully`` error (Console 8)

This error is generally seen after the Proctor enters their credentials and the candidate attempts to launch the actual exam. This may occur before or after the exam tutorial, which shows up immediately after launch but prior to the exam timer starting. Review the following solutions when encountering this error:

    • Microsoft Office Installation Issues (MOS Exams only):
      • Microsoft Office has not been Activated or opened for the first time: After the Microsoft Office software is installed, there could still be first-time/one-time prompts that appear after launching each title (e.g. prompts for registration, updates, cloud file syncs, add-ons, etc.). If Console 8 is launching the software for the first time, it is not designed to deal with these prompts and will hang up or produce an error. To address this, launch each Office program individually after a fresh install (and prior to testing for the first time or after a long break in testing) to ensure that the software opens to the default project screen.Note: Some of these prompts are per Windows User profile. If you use multiple profiles ensure that you have opened and addressed any applicable prompts before testing.


      • Microsoft Office has not been set up to run locally from the hard drive: Ensure that the Office suite is installed on the same local/native drive/partition as Console 8 in the default path.


      • Two Office versions are present: You can only have one Office version on an exam delivery computer at one time. Uninstall any old versions and ensure the only version matches same version year of the MOS exams you wish to administer. After old versions have been uninstalled, perform a repair to restore any applicable paths, registry entries, or shared files.


      • Office software may be corrupted: It’s possible that Office itself is in need of repair. Initiate a repair from the Windows Control Panel in the “Programs & Features” item. If a repair does not fix the issue, you may need to do a clean uninstall and reinstall.


      • Add-Ins: Certain Add-Ins have been known to cause issues with MOS testing. Launch the affected Office program, enter the options, go to “Add-Ins” then click the “Go” button next to “COM Add-Ins” and disable anything that is checkmarked.


      • When testing with Outlook: Outlook requires additional setup. Please refer to the Quick Reference Guide prior to testing with Outlook.


      • When testing with Access: Due to nature of Access, if it should crash during testing it could be trying to relaunch in safe mode and you will not be aware this is happening via the Console 8 software alone. To ensure that you are launching in normal mode, exit Console 8, restart the computer and then launch Access directly to confirm it is launching normally.


      • Office 2010 in 64-bit mode: 64-bit versions of Office are supported in all version years except Office 2010. If you have installed 2010 64-bit you will need to completely uninstall and reinstall the 32-bit version.


    • Corrupt install of Console 8: If the Console 8 software is suspect it could be stemming from a previous version of Console and/or iQsystem that were not properly uninstalled, or became corrupted over time by some other means. To address this issue please perform a clean install by removing all Console and iQsystem (if present) software via the Control Panel, then delete the local “Certiport” folder and all its contents – which is located by default in the root of your primary HDD (i.e. C:\Certiport\*.*). Then proceed to install Console 8; please refer to the Console 8 Install & Setup Guide for more information.Note: This option will delete any exams that are “in-progress” on the affected computer. The exam session itself will stay open for 7 days, but progress within the exam will be lost and this process will remove all exam content updates which will take significant time to download again depending on how many programs your CATC is administering with respect to your available bandwidth.


  • Administrative Rights: Having a limited Windows User account or Group Policies in effect can inhibit or prevent exam delivery. Please refer to the FAQ on Administrative Rights for more information.

We are receiving errors when trying to download or apply updates (Console 8)

When trying to perform system and/or exam content updates via the Console 8 Update Services you may experience errors. Please consider the following:

    • Windows Admin Rights: Admin rights are needed for all phases of exam delivery: acquisition, install, setup, updates, and testing. Please refer to the Admin Rights FAQ for more information.


    • Certiport Whitelist: Please ensure that the entire list of our required IP Addresses and Ports are allowed through any applicable firewall or filter. The list of required items can be found under the Console 8 section in our Technical Requirements.


    • Corrupt install of Console 8: If the Console 8 software is suspect it could be stemming from a previous version of Console and/or iQsystem that were not properly uninstalled, or became corrupted over time by some other means. To address this issue please perform a clean install by removing all Console and iQsystem (if present) software via the Control Panel, then delete the local “Certiport” folder and all its contents – which is located by default in the root of your primary HDD (i.e. C:\Certiport\*.*). Then proceed to install Console 8; please refer to the Console 8 Install & Setup Guide for more information.Note: This option will delete any exams that are “in-progress” on the affected computer. The exam session itself will stay open for 7 days, but any Test Candidate would need to begin again on the same computer after the issue is resolved as the progress is stored locally, or move to another computer if time is a factor. Also note that this process will remove all exam content updates which will take significant time to download again depending on how many programs your CATC is administering with respect to your available bandwidth.


  • Antivirus Software: This is not commonly an issue when performing updates however, some AV software can be used not only to scan the computer but to manage the local firewall settings or even implement some local policy restrictions. You may need to set exclusions or temporarily disable when performing updates.

We are receiving ``A communications error has occurred`` (Console 8)

This is a generic error related to MOS 2016 exams and is similar in resolution to the “Exam failed to complete successfully” error. This typically has something to do with the install/setup of the Office software, Admin Rights, or adherence to our Technical Requirements. For solutions related to the installation of the Office software, please refer to the FAQ on “Exam Failed to Complete Successfully”. For requirements, please see our Technical Requirements page.

We do not have Administrative Rights (all delivery systems).

Full, local Windows admin rights are required for all Certiport delivery systems and solutions. In addition to that, no Group Policies should be in effect. Please see below for a breakdown:

    • Console 8: Full, local Windows Admin rights are required to both install and use this delivery system (including updates). For CATCs with limited access, an Admin Proxy can be utilized to store the credentials and only apply them to the Console 8 software when in use. Please see the Console 8 Install & Setup QRG for more information.Note: The Admin Proxy feature only allows temporary access when launching or using the installed software. For new installs or reinstalls, you must always be logged in under an Admin account.


    • Online Exams for Windows: Browser Lockdown should be installed under a Winodws Admin so it is available to all users. Any additional permissions will come in the form of internet access and browser permissions. Please see the Online Exam Install & Setup QRG for more information.


  • Mac Launcher: The Mac Launcher software should be installed under a Mac Administrator account. Any additional permissions will come in the form of internet access and browser permissions. Please see the Certiport Mac Launcher Install & Setup QRG for more information.

Note: Not having the appropriate Admin rights in place could result in a variety of undesired errors or exam disruptions.

Our browser/exam is saying that Active X is not installed (Online Exams for Windows only).

This message could appear when a dependency is missing or out of date. Ensure you meet or exceed the Technical Requirements for the Online for Windows delivery system and that you have set up Browser Lockdown correctly. Click here to review the Online Exam Setup Guide.

Our exam is freezing (all delivery systems).

Unfortunately a wide variety and/or combination of items could be causing this to occur (see below):

    • Soft Freeze (only the exam delivery program is frozen): Attempt to force close the program by launching the Task Manager in Windows (ctrl+alt+del), or by using Force Quit in Mac OS (cmd+opt+esc). If neither of these options work, then proceed with the Hard Freeze procedure outlined below.


  • Hard Freeze (Windows or Mac OS itself is frozen): In this scenario the only recourse is to perform a cold reboot of the computer. Hold down the power button until it completely shuts off, wait 10 seconds, and then reboot the machine. Launch the Certiport exam delivery system again and resume the exam that is shown as “in-progress”. All exam sessions will be saved, and the Test Candidate will pick up from where they left off as long as they are resuming the exam from the same computer in which it was launched. The only exception to this would be MOS 2013 Access exams, which will always start over with full time remaining.

Solution: If the software or operating system freezes a single, isolated time you can probably write it off as a one-off event. However, if you receive persistent freezing it is probably indicative of a greater problem. Ensure you are meeting or exceeding the Technical Requirements, and that you have closed all non-essential software prior to testing. Frequent freezes with the OS could indicate the need to repair or reinstall it. Please consult your local IT helpdesk should this occur.

We are receiving an error condition related to the ``Windows Installer`` and cannot launch the exam.

Windows Installer is a service that the operating system requires when software installations or updates are being performed. The call to start the service could originate from either a local, network, or internet based source. In any case, Certiport exam delivery cannot begin if the windows installer service is currently running.

For Console 8, the “Running Processes” window should appear when trying to launch the exam if the windows installer is also running. Click resolve to attempt to have Console 8 try and terminate the process.

If the problem is persistent you will need to work with your institution’s helpdesk staff to identify and eliminate the source program that is causing the conflict, or you will need to temporarily turn off the Windows Installer service during exam delivery.

To turn off the Windows Installer service you can perform the following steps (this process requires Windows Admin privileges):

  • Click the Start button and open the Control Panel.
  • Click on Administrative Tools.
  • Click on Services.
  • Scroll down the list of services, locate “Windows Installer” and double-click the item.
  • If the functionality is currently in “started” status, click the Stop button then change the “Startup Type” to Manual. This should stop the service and allow the exam to proceed. In extreme cases you could also try changing the “Startup Type” to Disabled.

Note: Changing these settings could affect other programs and services on the computer and should be reverted back to their original settings after exam administration has completed.

Our Outlook profile has not been configured correctly or we are having other issues related the administration of the Outlook exam (all version years, Console 8).

We have a quick reference guide that covers the configuration of Outlook for MOS exam administration, please click here to view it.

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